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Nightmare Profile: Johnathan Weiland
Name: Johnathan Weiland
Location: near the Christmas house, though he will show up anywhere.
Summoner: Gabriel Weiland.
Terminating conditions: Gabriel making some form of peace with the conflicting side of his father, and deciding how he is going to feel about and deal with the new knowledge of what his father is and has been.  Either forgiving him, or deciding very deliberately that he can't.
Description: Johnathan looks taller from a distance than he is, his build athletic, angular and long legged.  He actually is only 5'8".  Elegantly dressed and aristocratic, the family resemblance between him and Gabriel is clear as day, though Johnathan's colors are more pale than his son's.  He keeps his hair cropped short, with the front swept up into a crest.  His left eye is a cybernetic replacement, but that is impossible to tell from farther than two feet away.  He is 51, but he looks to be in his mid
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Have yourself a Merry little Christmas by MegamiJadeheart Have yourself a Merry little Christmas :iconmegamijadeheart:MegamiJadeheart 3 0 A Chance to Reflect by MegamiJadeheart A Chance to Reflect :iconmegamijadeheart:MegamiJadeheart 3 2 Getting what you wished for? by MegamiJadeheart Getting what you wished for? :iconmegamijadeheart:MegamiJadeheart 2 2
Nightmare profile: Black Scarf
Name: The Man with the Black Scarf (just "Black Scarf" works)
Location: north of the bookstore.
Summoner: Leirina Kelena
Terminating conditions: Leirina actually accepting that she will be physically or magically powerless in some situations, but that there are other forms of strength and she does not have to face him alone. (power of friendship lol)
Description: The man with the Black Scarf looks like Nei'ess.  Right down to the rainbow eyes hidden behind his black round sunglasses.  He wears close fitted black clothing in a slightly renaissance style.  His voice does not come from his mouth, which is hidden by a thick black muffler wrapped loosely about his neck and face, but generally from the muffler itself.  The voice sounds like Hawke, but rarely as seductive.
Behavior: The man in the Black Scarf will be drawn to living people, those with the highest level of magic or spirit first, but any
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BlackScarf by MegamiJadeheart BlackScarf :iconmegamijadeheart:MegamiJadeheart 2 0 Map3.1 by MegamiJadeheart Map3.1 :iconmegamijadeheart:MegamiJadeheart 0 0

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A-V R1P3: Off to a Rocky Start
Azure twisted in the air as the one wing struggled to keep her upright. It was a chore to stay in the sky at all, much less not flail embarrassingly. The two hadn't been that high up, maybe low enough that she could've trailed her tail along the ground if she had wanted it to grow even more painful. However, she didn't want to take any chances with injuries this early in the tournament, and also being injured in the same forest as a man with a gun or twelve could pose a problem.
The Podekusai coiled herself into a ball as best she could, trying to ignore pinching armor, in an effort to minimize the stress of impact on anything vital. The trees did a number to slow her descent, too.
"Ow, ow- OW!"
Branches grabbed and yanked at her, tearing at the half of her mane that remained and leaving scratches along her sides. Limbs snapped and tiny tree critters ran for cover as she shot by, and in the chaos of the fall she lost Xander.
She had just enough time to curse herself for being unable to
:iconhealingcrane:HealingCrane 1 0
A-V R1P2: Off to a Rocky Start
A pillar of stone erupted from the ground, nearly spearing through Xander's arm. The SCAR leapt back with a burst of its thrusters, saving it from serious damage; all it lost was a piece of plating sheared from the side.
Azure wasted no time. She was up and charging, polearm in hand, before Xander could recover. As her blade whizzed toward the head of the vehicle, she finally gave him a reply, colors gold with triumph. "Because Azure the Gladiator isn't done yet."
The weapon hit its mark, but rebounded off the strong armor, leaving barely a scratch. Her next swing was blocked by Xander's arm, and the third met only air. Azure's glare intensified behind her shaded helm as the SCAR leapt into the air.
As he hovered just out of reach, preparing his gun for firing, the serpent focused her thoughts and felt a familiar tingling between her shoulder blades. "You're going to fight like that, are you?" Azure communicated as a steady glow grew behind her. "In that case, let's make it fair."
:iconhealingcrane:HealingCrane 1 0
A-V R1P1: Off to a Rocky Start
Azure shot a furious glare at her still-smarting tail. She couldn't believe anyone, sane or otherwise, would get one purposefully- much less enjoy it. The tip twitched irritably, and with a roll of her eyes she released it from her grip, tightening the fist about her polearm.
"Why the Elders would need to make tattoos illegal is beyond me," she thought, not for the first time, as she wound her way through the trees. Azure winced, a burst of red exploding behind her blue as her tail caught a low hanging branch. Her polearm sliced through the wood with an annoyed flick of her wrist. "By Cerulean the First Elder's mane, that stings."
When Azure had gotten word that she had to get a tattoo in order to compete in the next round, she had been of half a mind to refuse. Such a cosmetic object shouldn't be needed in a fighting tournament, she had argued. She had been assured that it indeed was, and that not getting one would prevent her participation in the Astrum Venatus.
Between tellin
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AVR1-3: Adieu
-------5 hours later, 12 hours remaining------
"AAAAAUUUUUUGGGGGHHHHH!!!! QUARK!!!! I'M GOING TO STAB YOU SO MUCH WHEN I GET BACK!!!! YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!!" The knife sliced it's way though Xander's flesh, blood pouring in thick rivulets down his arm.
A cooked and partially consumed chunk of Smiles' leg hung over the fire behind Xander. Strange creatures sang to the moons. Azure lay, still unconscious, with a bloody piece of Xander's shirt covering a freshly delivered wound. The blue grass swayed with the gentle wind, uncaring of the visitor's pain.
Xander was more exposed than ever now, being outside of his armor for the first time. His entire body was slick with sweat, and now his arm had the added benefit of blood all over it, both his own and Azure's.
The disc of flesh hit the stone floor with a wet smack. Xander gasped before yelling as loud as he possibly could. Someone else probably heard that. He didn't care. Yelling made him feel better about having just cut off his own skin. No
:iconx-27:X-27 3 1
AVR1-2: Charlie
---------4 hours later. 26 Hours remaining.----------
Xander watched carefully as a creature munched on the fruit of a tree. It looked like a deer until you saw it's head, or lack thereof. From it's shoulders extended a leathery tube, the end of which opened into a toothy maw that gripped the fruit, punctured it, and sucked out the juices before spitting it aside. Before the fruit could even hit the ground it was snapped up by one of many blue, chirping creatures that were constantly scurrying off into the underbrush carrying their new prize.
Shinies sang songs off in the distance. Light filtered through the trees like delicate golden curtains. The trees here had a tendency toward being purple and blue rather than green. It was a little bit like being in a real life acid trip. Everything seemed to be the wrong color. The little blue things started fighting over a fruit. They were cute, kind of. Xander chuckled and started a recording.
Azure slid through the underbrush, her
:iconx-27:X-27 3 0
AVR1-1: Colors
Artificial neurons linked with a human spinal column. The subtle sensation of armored weight overcame Xander. He flexed his hands and rolled his shoulders. "Command, system check."
{System Status, Normal.} The Symbiotic Combat ArmoR's computer chimed back.
Xander smiled. "Alright then. Command, begin recording."
Xander's body slowly sorted out it's limbs as the hissing joints of the SCAR dislocated the back plates and spread them open. He stood up, his legs still in the armor. "I guess I should go and see what's going on down at the clinic..." He yawned and made his way for the door controls, almost stubbing a toe on the SCAR's knee.
The cargo carrier's back door purred its way open as Xander ducked under it, impatient to escape the cramped space.
Xander had adjusted easily to life on the Zelian ship. It was just like living on a half battleship, half space colony. The AVOCCE building, however, was like living in a giant hotel. He'd only been in here a few days and
:iconx-27:X-27 4 0
AVME: Tied Tongue
Valentine's Day, sometimes called the bane of singles everywhere. Sure, it's a day for couples everywhere to shower their significant other with expensive gifts, but for others it just reinforces the fact that they're alone.
     That's why Dala had always hated it. She hadn't even been born on Earth and it had even managed to annoy her, all the way in space on some banged up trading ship. Every year on the ship that had been her home for the larger part of her life, the so-called holiday had been there, still getting in people's faces like some obnoxious jerk with a point to prove.
     Her father had had a hand in why she hated it as well. He had always told her it was "A time for capitalist manufacturers to rake in the money of suckers hoping to prove their love on just one day, instead of proving it all year like they should! Now where's ya mother? She's expecting some sappy bullshit!"
     Her mother had di
:iconagerianwriting:AgerianWriting 1 17
Yabmec's Cursed Paint Brush by Jin-Saotome Yabmec's Cursed Paint Brush :iconjin-saotome:Jin-Saotome 593 109 Punctuation's Most Wanted by phantom-inker Punctuation's Most Wanted :iconphantom-inker:phantom-inker 2,422 296
AV_R1 Permanent
AV round 1
"I can't believe you actually went through with it," Rebecca said through a laugh for the fifth time.  She was holding Sebastian's arm and laughing at the rune recently placed upon it.
"You're just jealous that only competitors get special Zelian tattoos," Sebastian snatched his arm from Rebecca's grip, "Besides, I happen to think it makes me look rather badass."
This only made Rebecca scoff, "Sebastian, it would take a lot more than a tattoo to make you look badass.  Things like muscle and not colorful clothing."
"Whatever," Sebastian rolled his eyes.  Ahead stood their new roommates, Katherine and Garnet.
They discovered that they didn't have the same rune.  The contestants hadn't been told anything about the round except for the fact that the runes would be their key to finding their first opponent. Somewhere, there was a contestant with the same rune as him.
Sebastian was glad he wasn't fighting Katherine, not only was she youn
:iconbehindtheuniverse:BehindtheUniverse 2 14
Another Damn Scar
Coiled shadows snaked and twisted, bunched then slowed, lazily began to condense into the form of a naked man.  His sharp translucent eyes – the first to form – slivered open, checking for any streams of light both natural and artificial.  True to their word, the Zelians had kept the ship's lights from automatically turning on in the room he shared with Vase – another treat.
Though Zair'eeyn got the feeling all the complaints about heaters burning out and participants waking up half frozen in their beds aided in giving the Torcal a private room.  That and perhaps the rumours of murdering people while they slept.
Such rumours as they were insulted the Torcal Emperor.  Killing someone who couldn't fight back would result in exile back on his planet.  Still, he gained a private room from it so maybe these rumours would come to his advantage.
He stretched, rolling his neck this way and that to pull all the kinks out. 
:iconpendragonvamp:pendragonvamp 2 11
In the end- AV round 1 - pt 2
The atrium was abuzz with life, mechanical, breathing or otherwise. Twitching muscles, moving eyes, the uncontrollable urge to look at someone before averting your gaze. Yes, some were nervous but others... Slumped shoulders, an ability to take pause and study the environment casually like an every day assurance. There were even some who appeared intoxicated on their on adrenalin, ready to tear into everyone and everything given the chance.
When it was time for all competitors to head out to the the valley Mirza stepped out from the shadowed corner he had been dwelling in. He was bare of his long cold coloured coat leaving his rifle and pistol uncomfortably visible. Still the lighter he was for this terrain the better. Shep walked along with him patently, looking old and tiered but with a sense of pride that came with the greying fur. As his boots clicked against the floor followed by the tiny tapping melody of his tiny puppet doppelgänger Azrim, Mirza scanned the other opponents.
:iconombre-de-clause:Ombre-de-clause 1 7
10Q Writers' Tutorial: Easy
Ten Easy Questions to Fix Your Fantasy Story
(may also work for sci-fi)
So, you've written your fantasy story and uploaded it to dA. Maybe it's a thousand-word short. Maybe it's a twenty-four-part epic. In either case, you know it rocks. There's a dashing/brooding hero/anti-hero, a beautiful/kick-ass heroine/seductress, and the most amazing fight/magical scene involving swords/fire-balls/spiritual-enlightenment that the world has ever seen.
The trouble is, no one's reading it. And, when they do, the comments are annoyingly lacking in the "OMG!" factor. Your readers just aren't "getting it". So how do you help these poor, unenlightened wretches to recognise the true jaw-dropping amazingness that is your story?
Well, you could sit them down and patiently talk them through every plot point and crowning-moment-of-awesome (after which they probably still wouldn't get it) or you could try this handy, ten-question tutorial.
Can't hu
:iconmetalmagpie:MetalMagpie 144 100
AV R1: The Tulips of Wrath
All in all, it was turning out to be a rather mediocre day for Unit 17, a fact made all the more frustrating by how extraordinary today's duties were. As opposed to the standard maintenance, cookery or assorted odd-job required around the ship, he - to emphasise that again, he - had been chosen to co-ordinate the preparations for the first round of the Star Games. An exciting honour. A delightful privilege. The most boring 7 hours of his cycle.

'Sir,' called one of the lesser droids, running over to 17 in a flustered fashion. 'One of the competitors is being… difficult.'
'How so?' 17 snapped, secretly grateful for the break from mundanity.
'You'd better see for yourself.' Grabbing his superior by what was presumably his arm, the droid bean pulling him off towards one of the medical bays.
The irony of it all, Unit 17 mused, was that he had once been offered a job in a tattoo parlour back on Phaenoux. He had declined immediately, stating that such tasks were below him
:iconjaredsol:JaredSol 2 2
AV: 1.3
Astrum Venatus
Round One, Part Three
Daniel found his ground almost too slowly, barely reeling his neck back as his opponent kicked the air where his head should have been. And he followed through with a second kick from his off-leg, something slower that gave Daniel the information he needed.
Right-handed. Brawler. No form at all. Berserker. Cocky.
All of which Daniel could use to his advantage. It had been his job to know what to do next, to read everything. Maybe that was strategy.
Still on the ground, Daniel blocked the next kick from Jorj's right leg with his own leg. Hooked his foot around the back of Jorj's knee, tugged hard. Jorj's body came flying forward, and Daniel's off-leg came up to catch Jorj in the chest. Shifted his weight, brought his opponent with him. Flipped Jorj backward into the leaf litter, regained his footing and steadied himself into a tight defensive Crane position.
With a growl, Jorj righted himself quickly. It wasn't graceful, but that wasn't
:iconfancylances:fancylances 2 7
AV: 1.2
Astrum Venatus
Round One, Part Two
The transport pulled away, bushes and trees swirling in the updraft of air it left behind, and all that remained in the clearing was the small figure of Daniel Halifax. He flexed the muscle of his right shoulder, the stinging reminder of the tattoo--that he had to find a way of removing from a place he could hardly reach--still throbbing like a second heartbeat.
Somewhere in this forest (full of heavy-looking pine branches that sagged under the weight of dense needles, scraggy undergrowth, ferns and tall spiny bushes) was a group of ruins with a rune matching the one inked into his back. He looked at the quick pen sketch Emi Kate had made of it on the palm of his left hand. It looked simple enough to remember, he just had to find the other competitor wandering around with it somewhere on their own bodies.
What kind of challenge is this, anyway? Making you rip the skin off of another living thing. Barbaric. The folks running this tourn
:iconfancylances:fancylances 3 3



United States
Um. . . Hi ^^. I'm an artist, much like most of you. And I write things, and roleplay. And design, draft and sew costumes and clothing. And some other random creative things ~laugh~

I tend to think of myself as a painter, even though most of my painted work is digital. Aside from that I draw. I admit that exposure to anime leaves me predisposed to larger than normal eyes, but I pride myself in giving people a somewhat believable anatomical structure.

Current Residence: Maryland
Favourite genre of music: Folk/Celtic
Favourite photographer: Silver Fox Heart
Favourite style of art: Is it clean and pretty? I probably like it ^_^
Operating System: Mac OS 10
Favourite cartoon character: Roger Rabbit, he makes me laugh
Personal Quote: If you can't laugh at yourself, you're not allowed to laugh at anyone else.
Last month I visited the west coast.  I was looking at schools out there, with an eye for actually finishing a degree and getting work that isn't just retail supplemented with commissions and conventions.  I have friends living over there, including two of my friends from highschool, whom I will be moving in with at the beginning of May.

Which is to say, yes, I found a school I like XD  And I am moving across the country to go to it.  So those of you who are used to seeing me around the east coast convention circuit: Sorry!  I might come back for a visit with family and a convention next summer, but this year is about moving, and getting my life back on a track, and getting back into Annie, and moving forward again <3

While I was visiting, I popped down to see my brother, and we went to Cousin Claire's birthday party.  It was really nice to get together with everyone and share what's been going on and reflect on what she gave us in her life.  For me, especially, it felt like I was finally able to let go of all the grief I've been carrying around for the past year.  For Claire, and also my grandparents, and Marty.  That point where you come out from under the clouds and rain, and look up and remember what sun feels like on your face, and how beautiful and full of life and hope and future the world is. :)

So thank you, to everyone who has been here and offered your support and condolences.  It's a bit late, but: Happy New Year.  Let's all make the best of it <3


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Sorry for the delay xD And so far I really like your creature work, and how your coloring skills have evolved :)  You get a good sense of the anatomy of them, which I think is critical in making anything believable.
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Good to see you ^_^  I hope getting home and all went well.
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Getting home was good - the week after though sucked, got sick pretty much. Slowly feeling better now. D:

And it was good to find you! :D
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